Product 101: Glass Ben-Wa Balls and Classic Kegel Exercisers

Glass Ben-Wa Balls and Classic Kegel Exercisers are two popular tools designed to enhance pelvic floor strength and sexual wellness. Glass Ben-Wa Balls, typically made from smooth and body-safe glass, are inserted into the vagina and used to engage the pelvic muscles through subtle movements. These balls provide both sensual pleasure and the potential for strengthening the pelvic floor over time. On the other hand, Classic Kegel Exercisers are usually made from silicone and offer a wider range of resistance levels for tailored workouts. These discreet devices often feature connected weights that respond to muscle contractions, making the exercise engaging and effective. Both options aim to promote better bladder control, heightened sexual sensitivity, and overall pelvic health, making them essential tools for those seeking to improve their intimate well-being.

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